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Founded in the year of 2001, Shanghai Zengxin Machine Electron Technology Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise engaged in professional research, development and production of various kinds of industrial valve test machines. With firm faith to manufacture the best valve test machines, Zengxin has become an important supplier in the field of test machines in only 15 years.

The companys main products are special equipment related to valve test and valve production including valve performance testing equipment, test system of valve flow resistance coefficient, test facility of valve life, test system of the valve opening and closing torque, one button automatic valve test system, lapping machine of the valve sealing surface and so on. Our products are widely applied to the valve manufacturers, valve users, valve installation & maintenance units and the third party testing institutions of valves...

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AddNo. 165, Hengfei Road, Waigang town, Jiading District, Shanghai.
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